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A sealant is a natural looking thin resin coating applied to deep grooves of chewing surfaces of the teeth, most commonly premolars and molars. Teeth with these susceptible deep grooves are hard to clean with toothbrush bristles, and it is in these areas that 75% of tooth decay begins. Sealants are applied quickly and comfortably by a Dentist or Hygienist creating a smooth easy to clean surface over these deep grooves. Sealants help to protect teeth from decay but must be checked periodically for integrity as they can wear, chip and dislodge. The effectiveness and life of the newly placed sealants will hinge upon proper home care, proper nutrition and periodic visits to your Dentist for evaluation.

If you have any questions or concerns about Sealants, please don't hesitate to discuss them with your Dentist in the office or call Dental Arts of Boynton Beach at (561) 767-9595.