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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is the latest and greatest technology used to capture dental x-rays. Rather than using traditional film, this modality uses an electronic sensor that registers and stores the image on a computer. Digital technology allows for images to be viewed instantly, eliminating the need for long developing wait times, in turn significantly reducing your time in the office. While dental radiography already has a very low radiation exposure, digital capabilities have reduced exposure even more so by 80-90%. Digital radiography is better for the health and safety of our patients, and lead apron shields are always used as well to further ensure safety.

Digital Radiography is a necessary diagnostic tool that provides Dentists and Hygienists with very valuable information impossible to see during the visual intraoral examination. Dental issues and abnormalities that may be hidden can safely and accurately be detected with digital radiography. To ensure complete and accurate diagnosis for developing an appropriate comprehensive treatment plan, dental x-rays are essential to the process. Early detection of these potential issues or abnormalities will save a patient time, money, more extensive treatment and unnecessary pain or discomfort.

If you have any questions or concerns about Digital Radiography, please don't hesitate to discuss them with your Dentist in the office or call Dental Arts of Boynton Beach at (561) 767-9595.