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Extractions (Surgical/Nonsurgical)

Nonsurgical, Surgical

There are a multitude of reasons that a tooth may become severely damaged subsequently needing to be extracted, even though a permanent tooth is meant to last a lifetime. Beyond damage, a tooth may need to be extracted due to trauma, decay, periodontal disease, position, infection or breaking in a way that cannot be repaired. Teeth that need extraction can be approached from a nonsurgical or surgical standpoint.

Nonsurgical, or closed, extraction is often times referred to as a regular or simple extraction. In this case, the tooth can be further loosened and removed uneventfully with specialized instruments. Healing is generally quicker with nonsurgical extractions, however, not all cases are suitable for this type of procedure.

If a tooth has significantly deteriorated with only little natural tooth or roots remaining, a surgical, or open, extraction will be needed. A soft tissue incision, surgical access, bone removal and sectioning the residual tooth when needed allows a surgical extraction to be completed routinely. Before treatment, your doctor will discuss with you whether or not ridge preservation, or grafting, may be beneficial or suitable for your specific case.

The initial healing period can take 1-2 weeks with intermittent discomfort possible, generally peaking between days 3-5. New bone and gum tissue will form in and around the site of extraction. Having a tooth or teeth extracted can cause surrounding teeth to shift, creating bite, jaw and alignment concerns. Following your treatment, thorough post operative instructions will be reviewed and if necessary, medications will be prescribed to help manage any swelling or discomfort.

You will receive care instructions at the conclusion of your treatment. Good oral hygiene practices, a proper diet and regular dental visits will aid in healing following your Dental Extractions.

If you have any questions or concerns about Dental Extractions, please don't hesitate to discuss them with your Dentist in the office or call Dental Arts of Boynton Beach at (561) 767-9595.